How to Optimize Your Social Networks Use to Increase Your Book Exposure

With so much noise in the industry, authors need to find all the little ways they can promote their books. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can all be great help. And a small tweak in your profile may end up making you new connections online and getting additional fans.  That small trick is using free advertising space on your profile…

Covers are your friends


Facebook, G+ and even Twitter (pretty recently) have space for you to put any picture you like behind your profile picture. Most people add some quote, some beautiful picture or a funny joke etc. You should add your own cover that promotes your book/website/brand in there instead. Yes, a good quote represents you well and I have had some too, but it  could be used as free advertising space instead!




Because when you are on a social network, let’s say – Facebook,  you can participate in groups and fan page conversations about your book topic, industry or genre and have people seeing your Timeline Cover just by moving their mouse over your name. Small window pops up with your picture, name, employment status and cover picture. If it’s attractive and has your website details or book cover mock up in there, you can get some visitors people interested in what you do that way.


It can’t be that easy..


Yeah, you have to be a good conversationalist and not post spam like ”Check out my book”. If it’s book discussion group, discuss books, offer good ones to read. If you’re non-fiction writer, talk about your expertise and give free advice. Gain Respect! It will take some time but if you enjoy discussing books it won’t be too hard. I actually had my first client for book covers hire my like that. Just because I was a part of discussion group and helped author with his book cover by giving him tips and advice on how to make it look better.


Your Virtual Business Card


That cover picture on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter is like your business card and description. While Twitter gives a short one to write under your name it’s not really enough. A well made cover picture would improve the look of your profile thus increasing your chance of getting new readers. You could also have few different Timeline Covers made for other people to use, like does and you can see one of their covers as the picture in this post (more in my Portfolio).


It’s a simple trick, but some work involved.  Who knows though, maybe you will make a huge connection with a book blogger that has big audience and liked what you wrote. So don’t wait up, go be part of online conversation and have your Timeline covers ready! If you order a book cover from me Facebook Timeline cover is included in the price along with your ebook/print book cover! ;)