5 Reasons Why Hiring Book Cover Designer Helps You


With Amazon.com giving people an easy way to publish books, the market is filled with all kinds of book – good looking and bad looking ones.  Lots of people decide to do it themselves. Sometimes due to no financial resources, sometimes because they don’t think it’s that hard or cover design shouldn’t matter, authors do book covers themselves.  They go online and find some tutorials to do and think it’s easy to just have a stock photo bought and a simple text slapped on it. It’s not that simple, while it seems like you can easily make a good looking, trendy, minimalistic book cover it’s an very fine line between a cover that is minimalistic and a cover that is will look unfinished and unprofessional. Just by missing some small details you can screw up a perfect cover design (sometimes I spend hours just to find the right details to match the cover design and make it beautiful). While I am biased, here are 5 reasons why professional book cover designer services would be better for a serious author:

1. Cover Design Communicates a Message

Good book cover will express your message, the ”feel” your book, the genre of it in  the first second reader sees it. You can have too much design elements on your book cover (like too much images or too much text with no hierarchy) and that would look confusing to people. You would lose their attention that instant. Having a ”clean” and clear book cover will instantly say that it’s worth reading.

 2. Shows You are a Professional

In an age of instant gratification we live in, if your cover doesn’t look good you will be perceived as sloppy, unprofessional and someone who doesn’t take the book seriously. It’s not really fair but your talent and expertise is being judged by the cover of your book. If it looks old then your content will be perceived as old and not up-to-date information.

3. More Book Sales

When selling a book on Amazon.com, you need your book cover to look good in a very small thumbnail size. If it’s unreadable then you are not likely to get readers to click on it and come to read your books description. If it looks boring it won’t stand out between other cover thumbnails too since it takes only about 20-30 seconds to browse through the Amazon’s listings and see if you like something or not. We all judge how the book looks really fast so having a professional do your design will most likely be very beneficial.

4. It Makes Your Marketing Easier
I’ve seen book bloggers write that they will NOT review a book if it has an ugly cover. They get a huge amount of submission and that’s one of their main filters when deciding.  You can bet that the same goes for agents and publishers who take submission. You will get more reviews, comments and better chances to intrigue gatekeepers if you have a good book cover design. Again, they judge your skills just based on your attitude towards book cover.
 5. Opportunity Cost
You can save yourself time and spend it on other things that are needed when publishing a book – writing,promoting a book or setting up your blog instead of designing the cover. Opportunity cost means that while you spend time on one activity, you are not doing another one and it may be the activity you benefit from the most. In this case, you may be able to do the cover yourself  and save some cash, but you lose money because if you spent that time meeting bloggers, reviewers and readers you might get more opportunities to sell your books once the it is published.
Now, does this means you should drop a huge amount of money on the book cover? While in traditional publishing average book cover price ranges from $750 to $2000 for print and ebook cover, you don’t have to pay that much when starting with self-publishing. Another bonus is that you get to decide how your it will look and no one else will be approving it, just you.