eBookCoverDesigns.net is a small Book Cover Design Studio run by me, Adrijus G. Currently residing in Dublin, Ireland. I am working to build the best Book Cover Design Studio in the world.  I have 3 years of experience in Graphic Design. Started working with Adobe Photoshop at home at about 17 years old and stayed for hours doing tutorials, making basketball wallpapers (mixing passion into it helped me get better as I wanted to make amazing works about sport I absolutely love) and studying principles of design.

Sadly, wasn’t smart enough to stick with it at first as I went to study Law. Wasn’t sure I could live off of doing graphic design and moved away from it. That wasn’t a good decision! I did not enjoy studying Law and eventually my passion for creating (and hate for working for someone else) won. There were some failed business attempts (blog and a Record Label) while working a boring day job, thank God recession came… I was fired and had to come up with source of income for myself so I took on a Design course and got back to creation. Now I’m chasing the dreams and enjoying freedom doing what I love to do. I believe every creative person deserves that!

I’m looking forward to playing a small role in helping Authors catch their dreams too!

You can find me on:


Adrijus G.